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Sliding Lock Box / Stash Box

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Stash Box

Do you have that one friend that just seems to have everything? Do they also live in a state where marijuana has been legalized?

Well I have the perfect gift for your pothead!

This slide locking box is perfect to store goodies in, there is a slot for a bic lighter, plus a larger slot for anything else you might need to stash.

The lock on this is slide, so this will allow children to get into, so please do not utilize this in a child home. I suggest looking for one with an actual key. The lock does prevent anything from spilling out. This also is not scent proof. The wood does help make some of the scent but not much if you have the potent stuff ;)

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Baltic Birch is a high quality, plywood with a varied grain pattern. By utilizing natural products like wood to create sustainable, eco-friendly ornaments with an elegant design. Since each piece of wood is unique in grain structure and color, they can and will vary in look, making each one unique.

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