How to use a crystal grid

Creating a Crystal Grid: Step-by-Step Setup

  1. Cleanse Yourself  & the Grid Space – It’s always a good idea to cleanse your own body before beginning any energy work. Also, do any physical and energetic cleansing of the space where you will be putting your crystal grid. You can use a smudging, a bowl of salt, or just plain soap and water.
  2. Cleanse Crystals – Smudge your crystals with a sage bundle or palo santo smoke. Or, leave them in the sun or the moonlight for a few hours. Some crystals’ color can degrade in exposed sunlight so don’t forget them. Also, avoid using water or natural salts which can damage some crystals.
  3. Charge/Program Crystals – Hold each stone between your palms, close your eyes, focus on your intention, and visualize that specific energy entering the crystal.
  4. Set the Mood & Begin – Light your favorite candle or play some music to create the space. Bring your attention to your energy and focus on your intention. Put your written intention in the middle of the grid.
  5. Place Crystals on Grid – Either lay down crystals from the center out or from the outside in. A common preference is to use a larger crystal point or pyramid as the centerpiece. Traditional grid patterns will typically have specific points on the grid to place your crystals. Remember to follow your intuition and remain as consistent and symmetrical as possible.
  6. Activate Grid – You can use your finger or another stone to “connect” each stone by touching each one as you draw an invisible line to “connect the dots.”
  7. Enjoy – Feel free to meditate to finish setting up your grid. You can also use it as a focal point for meditation. I recommend leaving your crystal grids in place for at least 48 hours and up to 40 days. Be sure to recenter your intentions every few days by reconnecting your stones and meditating.
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